Sunday, October 21, 2007

Working This Weekend at Home

I had to work from home about 6 hours this weekend. Our team is releasing the next major version of our product early November and we are to begin testing next week. This means that all changes need to be checked in by Monday which also means that I needed to finish things up over the weekend.

I enjoy working from home. I am physically more comfortable in the home office of my own design. I do not feel compelled to keep track of what I am doing, as close to 100% of my time goes to whatever task I intend to complete. I like my white boards, my wife, my 22" flat panel, my cigars, my cats, and my books all within reach. I generally feel more contemplative when I am in my home office which makes it easier to work through problems.

Often, when I leave work on a Friday knowing that something needs to be finished on Monday I feel tense and uneasy. These feelings are most extreme when there is some problem that has yet to be solved. This weekend, with Rebecca's help we were able to redesign a component that I have been struggling with all week in about 30 minutes; a feat only possible in the home office.

I would not give up my workweek to work at home full time, but I do enjoy the perks of the home office when the need arises.

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