Monday, October 13, 2008

Barack Obama and Private Property

Barack Obama either doesn't understand private ownership or wants to erode it away. He holds need as a means of acquiring value. The law of causality dictates that before a value is consumed it must be produced by someone and reality does not recognize need as a valid method of production. Therefore, to acquire value based on need he must punish the best in society for the sake of the worst by taxing the top producers to the benefit of those who produce little or nothing. Observe that man's right to property is a consequence of his right to life. In other words if I can't keep the things that I earn that sustain my life then my life is disposable at the whim of whatever bureaucrat claimed ownership of my property. The real irony is that this is the same philosophical misunderstanding that allows slavery: one group taking the values produced by another by force.


Anonymous said...

Hmm - ever read Atlas Shrugged?

myucha said...

:) well I do have a quote from John Galt on the front page.

thadgauthier said...

I could not agree more.